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Holothink’s TOTALLY TRANQUIL program is one of the more unique programs on the market aimed at curing panic attacks and anxiety. Unlike other programs, it is not a book, eBook, dvd or video series. TOTALLY TRANQUIL is a downloadable audio program.

Here’s how it works – TOTALLY TRANQUIL by Holothink “trains your brain.” It is based on the science of brain wave entrainment, which alters the electrochemical environment of the brain to improve its function. While it may sound like a complicated scientific theory, it is very similar to “tuning” your brain to a certain frequency much the same way that you tune a radio to your favorite station.

Benefits of brain entrainment with Holothink include:
– Stress relief
– Improved sleep
– Enhanced creativity

TOTALLY TRANQUIL is a downloadable audio program that you should ideally listen to for 60 minutes per day. Because of its mp3 format, it is easily burned onto a CD or downloaded onto an mp3 player, making it incredibly portable. You can listen to it while you go about your normal daytime routine, like in your car on the way to and from work.

Holothink reviews across the web are favorable for TOTALLY TRANQUIL.

“Whenever I listen to the audio recordings I actually enjoy the music and don't realize that the binaural beats are working away at reducing my stress and anxiety levels.”

– Matthew Scott, Holthink review on

A Holothink review on says, “if you’re looking for a simple and fast way to get rid of stress, focus, or even sleep better, this is a course you’ll want to try.”

TOTALLY TRANQUIL by Holothink is affordably priced at only $37 and includes bonuses – a 10 minute “refresh and focus” audio session for when you don’t have time for the full 60 minute version and a no risk full refund guarantee. Additionally, you are able to listen to a demo of the product on the website prior to purchasing. The combination of “try before you buy” and full refund is a great motivator, and the price is right for TOTALLY TRANQUIL. It is definitely worth a try. 

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Totally Tranquil by Holothink Reviews

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