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Many people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) are looking for an effective way of calming nerves and anxiety without using drugs or therapy. Good news – The ROOT CAUSE is based on the premise that OCD is not a mental problem; therefore, prescription drugs and therapy may treat symptoms of OCD, but will not actually cure it. Rather, when you define anxiety disorders like OCD, they are actually behavioral problems. And as such, they are easily cured.

The ROOT CAUSE includes:

- Explanation of the cause of anxiety and OCD

- Easy to follow step by step guide for calming nerves and overcoming OCD

- Supplement to THE ROOT CAUSE, "A Personal Journey" outlining the author's experience overcoming OCD using this method

While THE ROOT CAUSE is effective in the way it defines anxiety and the cause of subsequent disorders like OCD, it is possible that it is overly simplified. It has good information and may be effective in helping with calming nerves and other manifestations of anxiety, but it may not provide a cure for everyone.

As with most things, if it seems too good to be true it is possible that it is. For that reason, buyers of this program should consider what they are hoping to get out of THE ROOT CAUSE. If they are looking for a way to help define anxiety and assistance with calming nerves, they may have moderate success.

However, sufferers of severe anxiety disorders, panic attacks and OCD may find THE ROOT CAUSE too simplified and not comprehensive enough. According to one user on,

The ROOT CAUSE is "a short system that keeps trying to enforce and remind you that the disorder you're struggling with, whether it be panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, OCD, or another type, is not an illness. It tries to convince you that it's easy to overcome it. Well, I don't think anyone that has spent years trying to help themselves would agree with Mr. Karim on that one, as pleasant as his opinion may seem."

Conversely, has a positive spin on THE ROOT CAUSE:

"You will not only find solutions that effectively tackle OCD but also have no side effects whatsoever."

As with all methods for calming nerves and overcoming panic and anxiety, you should do research before selecting a treatment program. THE ROOT CAUSE is simple, straightforward and relatively inexpensive compared with other products on the market. If you do decide to move forward with the ROOT CAUSE, keep in mind that it does not carry the same money back guarantee as other programs.

For this reason, our advice? You can probably do better – skip it.

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