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Review of Tap Yourself Free: How to use tapping to make positive changes in ones life. 

Tap Yourself Free is an E-book that teaches you the act of tapping to effect positive changes in your life, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT has been around for awhile now and works extremely well. Why exactly it works is another story for another day, but if you apply the principles of EFT to panic attacks and anxiety attacks, you will notice a difference in your life very quickly.

The Tap Yourself Free E-book is authored by Magnus. He is the same person who appears in the instructional videos on Tapping.com and who interacts with you in TappingForum.com.

Tap Yourself Free actually comes in a package of three books (with the additional two as bonuses) which sells for $39 in the U.S. and may be downloaded from Tapping.com.

It is a 134-page companion book of the videos available at Tapping.com. This novel E-book is actually a tool from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that identifies the negative emotions that cause distress. 

By understanding tapping and tapping on certain points of your body, you will instantly be relieved from anxiety, depression, and could help drive away negative thoughts.

The E-book helps you to improve your well-being, but it is not a cure-all remedy. It does, however, help alleviate pent-up emotions.

You'll learn about EFT (the emotional freedom technique), which involves tapping the body in key places to manipulate energy flow, and how you can use it to free yourself from negative emotions and thoughts and other barriers so you can achieve success and become the person you want to be.”

– Review, Digital Products – Data Base

“I really believe that Tap Yourself Free has been effective for me and that it will continue to be a positive addition to my personal development tool bag.”

– Actual user comment, blog.neverthesamerivertwice.com

Tap Yourself Free begins by providing details about specific problems and ways to resolve them. It also gives the effects of happiness and well-being and the physiology of tapping.

In 12 chapters, the E-book educates you on your emotions to releasing these emotions after having dealt with your emotions, living the good life, finding love to healthy relationships to spiritual matters, physical healing and tapping the world for world peace, are among the interesting topics offered.

Tap Yourself Free offers a basic instructional material to teach you the mechanics of the tapping process. It explains about the body’s energy meridians and how tapping points exude electric fields in those places.

One of its companion books is Tapping Guide: Manual, Exercises and Worksheets is a 52-page book that provides more information on the mechanics of tapping as well as a series of worksheets to help you work through problem areas such as happiness, confidence, and forgiveness.

Each worksheet has questions designed to help you draw out the specific incidences and emotions that cause your distress.

The last of the companion books is The Science of Getting Rich with Tapping Guide and includes the text of Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich which Magnus based his own text of the list of questions to take action on how to improve your finances. 

At the same time he explores the biases ordinary folks have on making oodles of money and how they regard negatively the rich. Actually, the book by Wattles is a personal development book that dates back to the early 20th century.  

If you are someone who seriously would like to make positive changes to your life, then Tap Yourself Free would not be a waste of your money or time. 

Want to learn more about Tap Yourself Free? Go to the website, Tap Yourself Free.

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