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Take Off Today Flying Program: Would it work for you? 

There are many reasons why people should be skeptical about trying out new conquer-your-fear programs just like the Take Off Today program by Rich Presta.

However, reviews on the subject do seem to be positive.

A concurrent search on the Internet does not produce violent comments, a fact that could only be attributed to two things:

  1. This fear of flying program does actually work; and
  2. Rich Presta’s credibility as a healer is solid

In fact, Flying Fear, a website dedicated to finding the best help online for aviaphobics has named the Take Off Today program as its Top 2 pick. And this was just months after the program’s release, saying:

“This course is good value for money, and with the endorsement of Jeffrey Skiles (one of the pilots of US Airways Flight 1549 that crashed into the Hudson River in 2009), it is well worth a look.”

Rich Presta is actually another story of a former victim of a certain condition who has managed to heal himself by discovering–on his own–certain techniques, and who now applies those very same techniques to help other victims. 

One thing that can safely be ruled out is that the guy is not a quack out to take your money. A background check on Presta reveals that he used to suffer from panic and anxiety attacks and other phobias, but has since then learned to conquer his debilitating condition.

Due to his realization that he could actually help free other people from their invisible prisons, Presta, it can be observed, has undertaken a campaign to provide fellow sufferers with the knowledge and techniques that have helped him through programs and courses that he has developed.

Presta works as self-help author, speaker, and coach, and has successfully freed people from their fears through his Driving Fear Program, Panic Puzzle Program, and Anxiety-Free Child Program.

With such a highly-respected and successful program developer behind the Take Off Today course, there really seems to be very little room left for doubt as to its possible effectiveness.

StressFreeLifestyle.net, an online authority on fighting stress and anxiety, has this to say:

“One thing that is very good about Rich Presta’s programs is that you don’t have to take any medication, and your anxiety and panic problems are solved using easy to follow techniques.”

The Take Off Today Program is a program designed to help people conquer their fear of flying. It sets two goals for people who fear flying:

  1. To learn to trust the plane and the people operating it; and
  2. To learn to control their feelings

It aims to accomplish all these through a multimedia approach that anyone, it claims, could follow easily.

The approach is very similar to other at-home programs that people can just watch or listen to in the comfort of their homes. This eliminates the struggle people have with themselves when considering therapy.

The difference, however, is that Presta’s flying without fear program goes as far as providing course takers with a “Tactical Kit” that they can print and carry with them, and two other audio recordings that help them through the pre-flight phase.

The whole package seems very well-thought out and has many swearing by its effectiveness.

Although the Take Off Today Program is marketed aggressively by some sectors who carry it, Presta exhibits confidence in his program that allows him to offer a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

This confidence may be explained by the philosophy behind the whole thing—that it could only work if you cooperate.

The presumption when you purchase these programs is that you want to get well—and you could get well—if you allow the program to help you. If you are not willing to throw in some effort yourself, the program will just be wasted. 

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Take Off Today Review

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