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Stop Anxiety Now by Jim Brackin is a “talking cure” therapy program that comes in the form of an mp3 recording.

Although, it is similar to other anxiety programs that you can buy and listen to at home, Stop Anxiety Now is unique in that it takes a more aural approach to overcoming anxiety.

By making use of the theory that a relaxed environment is a catalyst for change in a stressed out lifestyle, Stop Anxiety Now incorporates gentle and soothing music and sounds from nature to aid in the healing process.

Stop Anxiety Now is the creation of Jim Brackin, a registered hypnotherapist, master practitioner of neuro-linguistics and time-line therapy, and associate member of the British Psychological Society.

Many might remember him as the resident body language expert of Sky News, revealing the unconscious messages of politicians, royalty, and other guests of the network.

However, he is more known now for his self-help website that offers a reliable source for health news, therapy, and coaching.  

Jim Brackin based Stop Anxiety Now on the effective methods he employs in his day to day therapies that he converted into an mp3 so that it could be made available to more people seeking relief from anxiety.

Stop Anxiety Now features Jim Brackin identifying and eliminating the root cause of your anxiety.

The spoken content and structure is laced with music and other sounds in the background that listeners may just be aware of, but which does not interfere. Jim Brackin claims that this blend actually gets results as it effectively reduces anxiety while the listener learns how to eliminate it.

"It is just like giving yourself permission, allowing yourself to feel better…"

– actual user comment

"It really helped me to learn to reward myself instead of continually punishing myself."

– actual user comment

According to Brackin, the Stop Anxiety Now therapy is a recording marvel in the sense of studio techniques that have been incorporated in it to ensure a guided therapy that gently produces a relaxed state where change can occur naturally.

These studio techniques are:

  • Therapeutic Suggestions
  • Stereo Induction
  • Binaural Sounds

Therapeutic Suggestions are background whispers you will comprehend only at a deeper more therapeutic level of listening.

Stereo Induction doubles the effectiveness of the language pattern used. Here different messages are sent to the left and right ears simultaneously.

Binaural Sounds use the same frequencies as your thought patterns, which are then changed to achieve a therapeutic state.

If you are looking to make anxiety a thing of the past, Jim Brackin’s Stop Anxiety Now seems like a good suggestion. This blend of therapy and recording studio techniques does indeed make it worth a try.

Stop Anxiety Now has a 6-month money-back guarantee, plus an immediate refund if you so request one within 60 days of purchase.

To learn more about Stop Anxiety Now, Click Here.

Stop Anxiety Now Review

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