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Social Anxiety Secrets Review: Does Dr. Todd Snyder’s e-Book on social stress contain the secret to retraining your brain?  

Social Anxiety Secrets is a course that teaches sufferers how to cope and overcome social anxiety or social stress that is laid out in an easy to read e-book with bonus mp3s.

Perhaps the best thing about the Social Anxiety Secrets e-Book is that its author, Dr. Todd Snyder, offers a 100% money-back guarantee and at the same time asks you to keep the book “forever.”

Of course, there’s no sense in having you return a downloadable product, but to actually tell you not to return it after you ask for your money back shows you how much confidence Dr. Todd Snyder has for his self-help social anxiety program.

Dr. Todd Snyder projects himself as the man’s man of social anxiety. He has been there, experienced what you have gone through, cured himself, got a PhD. on the subject, studied every symptom, aspect, cause, treatment of social anxiety, and listened to every type of social anxiety or social stress patient.

That’s some story, but from all indications—true.

Dr. Todd Snyder says that it is his goal to reach as many sufferers of social anxiety and teach them his method of eliminating the disorder.

His knowledge and understanding of the brain and how a person could actually build new pathways where there were none before in order to prevent that person’s brain from becoming frozen with fear due to a stimulus is very interesting.

“Thanks to Social Anxiety Secrets, I have learned to conquer my fears and embrace the affects they used to have on me. By turning them around and training my brain to bypass the thought process, I feel that I can achieve anything.”

– Jeremy Jameson,

Something like that would indeed be worth a try, especially since it is being offered at a very low price.

For only $21.95, you get a 77-page e-Book that is delivered in PDF format via instant download.

Clients who order Social Anxiety Secrets will receive the following:

  • A complete system for reversing the underlying mechanisms by which social anxiety takes over my life in an easy-to-digest manual that cuts straight to the point.
  • Training in the methods employed at the highest levels for peak performance, with specific applications of those methods to beating social anxiety.
  • The must-have information about the origins of social anxiety and the emotional pain that comes with it.
  • Specific applications of the methods to symptoms that only social anxiety sufferers experience.
  • Advice from a highly trained social anxiety specialist who has personally overcome the same overwhelming symptoms of excessive fear of scrutiny and evaluation by others.
  • The 40-minute personal self-motivation secrets bonus mp3 audio where Dr. Snyder reveals his highly effective secrets for turning information into amazing life outcomes.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days to make this opportunity a no-risk solution for improving your quality of life starting today.

An edge that some reviewers say Social Anxiety Secrets has is the way Dr. Todd Snyder lays down the course, and how he wrote it. He reportedly has achieved a good balance between giving information and making you feel like you were not studying a textbook. 

“This ebook is not only informative, it’s very fun to read. This is in stark contrast to the majority of books written by academics, which are only written for other academics and put those that need the information the most to sleep.”


The only negative comment we found was from this Social Anxiety Secrets Review:

“I wish the user was directed to the MP3 recording FIRST. I have to say, I recommend listening to the MP3 recording BEFORE you dive into the ebook. So once you get the course, glance over the ebook and then listen to the MP3 in its entirety. It will get you pumped up to work this program to the fullest, so you won’t procrastinate, get frustrated with, or lose interest in the program. THEN go back and thoroughly dive into the ebook.”

– Review from

If you’re thinking about purchasing Dr. Todd Snyder’s program, be prepared to put in at least, 2 week’s work. This period is when you start to see some changes, as claimed.

What this means is—you will have some exercises to do and techniques to follow. Dr. Snyder does not promise a quick-fix solution.

However, this is understandable as nothing truly is. Especially when he says that the course involves some unlearning of old behaviors to go with the learning of new ones.

Dr. Todd Snyder is inviting social anxiety disorder or social stress sufferers to try out his course. For the prize of a large pizza, one can get a chance to learn the formula to re-train one’s brain for confidence and enjoyment in social situations.

For that price, and a money-back guarantee, Social Anxiety Secrets is worth a try. Click here to learn more.

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