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Richard Mackenzie Direct Review: Is the program a scam? Or the real thing offered by an accomplished hypnotherapist?

We’re taking a different approach to product reviews in order to address one major concern of potential buyers immediately: the fear of being scammed.

Buyers must remember that legitimate products being marketed online today almost always carry a money-back guarantee. This is especially true to products being marketed through the Clickbank marketplace, like the Richard Mackenzie Direct.

Richard Mackenzie Direct is a line of mp3 downloads in the Richard Mackenzie website that uses self-hypnosis techniques to deal with a host of common problems, like:

  • Stress Management
  • Panic Attacks
  • Anger Management
  • Addictions and Habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.)
  • Phobias (like fear of flying, etc.)
  • Sexual problems, and
  • Other lifestyle problems

The Richard Mackenzie Direct is being offered with a 60-day guarantee. This is a fact, and should put to rest any concerns interested buyers may have about the product being a scam.

“The product is sold through the Clickbank marketplace, and Clickbank forces all product vendors to offer this guarantee. Most vendors are happy to do so regardless of what Clickbank asks them to do, but I think it’s important for you to know that the guarantee is supported (and required) by Clickbank. There is no way to get ripped off when purchasing this program.”

– The Hypnosis Insider

“Used by many people around the world Richard Mackenzie Direct is also a very trusted company that you can feel safe using. People who buy this product can also feel comforted by the money back guarantee.”

– Patricia Smillt, Health & Fitness Articles website

For the product maker’s part, Richard Mackenzie is a renowned hypnotherapist and author who has made a mission to give ordinary folks the ability to make changes in their lives.

By assembling an arsenal of hypnotic, neuro, and emotional techniques, Mackenzie can arm people with the right tools to combat personal issues and problems. These methods are specifically self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

His book, Self-Change Hypnosis, released in 2004, is a best seller. Mackenzie is also a well-published author, writing for magazines and journals. He personally recorded the 30 recordings of mp3s that are being offered at his website.

By just clicking on a mouse, all those interested in making lasting changes in their lives can get access to Richard Mackenzie’s methods of experiencing a great hypnotic trance where according, to him, is where the change can be effected.

“Excellent! I found the recording easy to use. All I had to do is sit back, put on my headphones and your easy to follow instructions did the rest.”

– Marios Constantinou – Leamington Spa,

“I come across a lot of personal development products in my practice. Some products are good, some are great, but some downright stink! When it comes to hypnosis, Richard MacKenzie's products are a cut above. The production is high caliber and the programs take you very deep into alpha/theta awareness. Bottom line, they work!”

– Bill White, Denton – United States,

With such strong recommendations from users, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and the absence of scam threats, there is little reason not to give Richard Mackenzie Direct a try.   

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