People Anxiety – What is Social Anxiety and what you can do about it

You are shy but nobody knows that. And you are about to give a speech before people. Your throat is parched – your chest is pounding, and your stomach is growling.

This is a sign of social anxiety which is caused by many things and that could worsen into panic attacks. But understanding the causes to anxiety is key to finding the natural treatment to panic attacks or stress anxiety.

One cause of social anxiety can be traced to childhood experiences. Perhaps as a child, you were not given the opportunity to show your self-worth. You were often ignored or, worse, told you’re no good or, you’ll never amount to anything.

Some get bullied in school and they don’t recover from this.

While others overcome these childhood experiences and often forget them, others don’t.

They continue to have feelings of low self-esteem – never believing in their capacity to do something good.

Or, they never stand up to anyone who could bully them at their jobs or in other real life situations, the bus station, the supermarket, the moment they step out of their houses.

However, there are treatments to overcome social anxiety.

One of these is family support. Family members are there for each other. A child, for example, needs to feel secure in his own home. His parents can provide this healthy environment so that when he comes home from school, he will always feel safe.

Not only that, parents can try their best to boost the child’s ego by praising him and openly suggesting to him that he is capable of doing great things. This is a way of developing his confidence way into the future.  

Another is to develop strong friendships among peers. Children make friends with relatives or their neighbors. This activity should be encouraged so that the child may share his feelings with his close, childhood friends that often develop into lifetime friendships.

At other times when the child needs to really overcome his shyness, counseling may help. He needs to believe in himself. Proper therapy could help and the case of nerves may just turn out to be just that—nerves.

However, when social anxiety has spiraled out of control, and the sufferer starts to have panic attacks, then he needs to learn the natural treatment for panic attacks. Learn more on how to do this at  



  1. I read an article about herbal remedies for anxiety and wanted to know if anyone has had success with any other these therapies? I suffer from mild anxiety and want a mild treatment.

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