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EASY CALM™ is a ten part downloadable video series that aims to help users get rid of panic attacks. It was created by a former anxiety sufferer, Jon Mercer. Similarly to many other downloadable panic cures on the market, it claims to provide real anxiety relief without expensive therapy or prescription medications. It helps you help yourself.

Here are a few things that set EASY CALM™ apart from other, similar programs:

Video Format: Unlike other programs whose bulk lies in lengthy eBooks, Easy Calm™ is a series of ten videos that teach you how to get rid of panic attacks. This is a more user friendly alternative for panic and anxiety sufferers who are visual or auditory learners.

Price / Value: EASYCALM™ provides an exceptional value for the price. In fact, it is one of the few products on the market that is able to get rid of panic attacks for under $100. It is one Jon Mercer's goals to "give each person more than they pay for."

Personal Attention: Jon Mercer personally answers each and every email inquiry. No form emails or stock answers.

Try Before You Buy: Perhaps most impressive, the EASYCALM™ program offers the first video session absolutely free. The goal is to prove that this program really can help get rid of panic attacks. Jon Mercer doesn't expect you to purchase his EASYCALM™ product before you know what you are getting. Additionally, if after going through the entire program you still aren't satisfied, EASY CALM™ will refund your money within eight weeks.

While all of those features are nice to have, they won't make a difference if EASY CALM™ isn't able to get rid of panic attacks completely. Luckily, it appears from EASY CALM™ reviews that the program is successful.

 "In my opinion there is a good balance of instruction, practical "life application" steps, helpful exercises and simple assignments."

- Independent EASYCALM™ review,  bestpanicattackcure.com

EASYCALM™ is "quite comprehensive and offer(s) an unparalleled personal approach. It is like having your own personal therapist without paying the high fees."

- EASY CALM™ reviewer, kickpanicaway.com.

"I had previously spent 1000s on therapists and other quacks that didnt want to even help me, just wanted me to take drugs. I got started with EASYCALM™ and in about 2 days I felt different and after a week I was not even the same guy. My wife can tell you that! Amazing results…better than anything I ever tried. You really know your stuff."

- EASYCALM™ user, from Jon Mercer's website EASYCALM.com.

Other EASY CALM™ reviews rave about the unique video format, which makes them feel a connection with the author and the program that is absent from many other programs that get rid of panic attacks. Paired with the excellent customer support and reasonable price, EASY CALM™ is a great value and certainly worth a try.

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