Curing Anxiety, Is Anxiety Different for Different Genders?, and Other Anxiety Headlines – June 2012

June 2012 Industry News

Curing Anxiety

These days it seems like everyone is dealing with stress – finance issues because of the economy, fear of losing our jobs or income, worry for our children, not to mention the fact our country is at war! All of this can cause severe anxiety, even if an individual has never dealt with panic attacks before (which makes them that much scarier!).

If you have been suffering from anxiety for a while, you may already realize that there are certain situations or triggers that can bring on an anxiety or panic attack . Recognize what these triggers might be and what anxiety really is, is the first step in dealing with, and eventually curing your anxiety. Cause isn't that the goal for anyone suffering from anxiety – a cure?

Searching for a cure can be just as intimidating as dealing with the anxiety. There are several approaches to dealing with anxiety, everything from diet, medication, natural or supplement approaches, even tapping….yes, tapping!

We believe the true key to finding a cure is finding a program that speaks to you, then try it out. Thankfully, most reputable anxiety relief programs offer a money back guarantee, so you aren't taking a risk. So stop suffering from anxiety – look around, read reviews, watch testimonials, and find a program that works for you!

Different Genders – Same Anxiety?

There can often be many factors that can contribute to an individual's anxiety or panic disorder, even their gender! That's right, females are actually more likely (twice as likely in fact) to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder over their male counterparts. There are many theories to why this might be the case, everything from hormones to a woman's nurturing role within families, has been considered.

What is known however is that when women suffer from anxiety they actually can burn out quicker. Studies have shown that female brains go into overdrive when an individual is dealing with anxiety.

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