Calming Nerves Top 10 Tips on Calming Your Nerves

We all get nervous. A few, however, experience it more intensely and more frequently than others.

Our inability to calm our nerves can lead to problems ranging from things as simple as bungling a speech to more serious conditions like anxiety or panic attacks.

This underscores the need to find ways that you must learn to calm your nerves. These top 10 tips on calming your nerves could also serve as a natural treatment for panic attacks:

  1. Panic attacks don’t kill. When you feel the onset of a panic attack, repeat this thought in your mind. Repeat it until you believe it. You will find that panic attacks won’t affect you that much afterwards.
  2. Sit Down. Again, when you feel the onset of an anxiety attack, find a safe place and sit down. Sitting down allows you to calm down. It also prevents you from getting into an accident.
  3. Divert your thoughts. If you pay any attention to the impending panic attack, it will only serve to worsen it. Lessen its impact by diverting your thoughts. Think of something else. Focus on any object within sight and make a story about it. It’s funny, but it works.
  4. Control your breathing. This is important. Taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly calms your body.
  5. Go physical. Although sitting down works, for others, moving around like dancing or walking keeps their mind off the impending attack.
  6. Use water. Sprinkle some on your face. Water has a natural effect of slowing down your breathing. And it’s what you need when you start to hyperventilate.
  7. Talk to people. Talking has the same effect as distracting your mind from the attack.
  8. Listen to music. Music also has a calming effect.
  9. Imagine a switch. Picture this out in your mind, and then imagine reaching out for it and switching it off. Let the switch represent your fears. It’s what is actually causing the anxiety attacks.
  10. Remind yourself who is in charge—you.

As you will notice, majority of the tips given involve mind over matter exercises. That should tell you that anxiety or panic attacks are all in your mind.

If it’s in your mind, that means you have the power to defeat it. You don’t need fancy exercises or expensive medicines to stop anxiety. Use the natural treatment for panic attacks.


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