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At Last a Life Promises Recovery from Anxiety Through Knowledge

Similarly to many other programs aimed at curing panic and anxiety, AT LAST A LIFE by Paul David was created by a former sufferer of anxiety. Paul David suffered from anxiety for over ten years and when he was finally able to overcome it, he set out to help others do the same. The end result is AT LAST A LIFE.

The premise of AT LAST A LIFE is that you cannot begin to cure your panic and anxiety until you fully understand it. Then you can understand why you suffer from anxiety. For Paul David, this knowledge was the beginning of his curing his anxiety.

AT LAST A LIFE is an eBook which focuses on education panic attack and anxiety sufferers about their condition, helping them understand it and ultimately offering solutions for curing it. It is formatted as a question and answer session, based on the questions most commonly asked of Paul David when sharing his own story of how he was able to overcome his anxiety.

The AT LAST A LIFE eBook is a short read (under 70 pages) but that does not make it a “quick fix.” It takes time to process the information and work through how the information relates to each individual and their anxiety and panic attacks. It also takes practice to change the way you think and help avoid panic attacks and anxiety from recurring in stressful situations.

Will it Work For You? Reviews are mixed.

According to Sylvia Dickens (, “Starting at page one, you will begin to discover that the author of At Last A Life knows what it's like to suffer from anxiety. And as you read, you'll come to discover what it takes for true, lasting recovery.”

An independent rating system on gives AT LAST A LIFE by Paul David 2 out of 5 stars, or slightly below average.

The price of AT LAST A LIFE by Paul David is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum for panic attack and anxiety programs, so you have very little to lose if you find that AT LAST A LIFE is not for you. You should purchase with caution, however, because there is no money back guarantee for this product, unlike some of the pricier programs on the market.

Bottom line: proceed with caution when purchasing this item. The price is certainly right and it isn’t going to be the end of the world if AT LAST A LIFE doesn’t work for you. But because there is no money back guarantee and the program seems to be oversimplified, we’d recommend doing some research to see if there’s a better program out there for you.

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