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Rich Presta's Anxiety Lie – Can it Cure Anxiety Attacks? 

Rich Presta has written two other successful programs that cure anxiety attacks and related issues – the Panic Puzzle Program and Driving Fear Program. The ANXIETY LIE program also aims to cure anxiety attacks, but takes a slightly different approach than other programs – tough. For example, Rich Presta himself states that "I have no interest whatsoever in making you FEEL better, I’m going to help you BE BETTER.”

Building off of the premise, the ANXIETY LIE is comprised of two main parts – the lies they tell you, and the lies you tell yourself. The former focuses on why many of the things you may have been told about anxiety and panic attacks are untrue. For this reason, you have been unable to cure anxiety attacks in the past. The latter focuses on misconceptions that you are proliferating so that you can avoid confronting, and ultimately curing anxiety attacks.

ANXIETY LIE reviews generally agree that the program, like the two before it, is effective in curing anxiety attacks. However, a note of caution – those who do not respond to "tough love" may not benefit from this program. The major driving force behind Rich Presta's ANXIETY LIE is his brutal honesty, and it is very effective.

One ANXIETY LIE review on echoes this sentiment -

"Anxiety Lie delivers a brutal, much needed wakeup call to all those people who’ve been living in the shelter of cozy and comfortable lies. It’s not a program that everyone can digest; but to those who dare, Anxiety Lie provides a unique perspective towards tackling anxiety disorders."

There are several other ANXIETY LIE reviews available out there that seem to agree with the above. For those who are interested in trying Rich Presta's unique method to cure anxiety attacks, here are the basics of the program:


- ANXIETY LIE Audio Edition (for portability and ease of use)

- The Truth Revolution Audio with Dr. Scott Fenton

- The Rescue Audio Session (helps you break your negative thoughts and curb a panic attack)

The program also includes "extras" like access to updates so that any future additions to the ANXIETY LIE program will be provided to you. Lastly, you have eight weeks to try out the ANXIETY LIE program to see if it is a fit for you. If not, there is a money back guarantee.  

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