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Review of Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s Adventures in EFT: The acclaimed emofree e-book for learning the Emotional Freedom Technique 

Adventures in EFT is an emofree e-Book that teaches the Emotional Freedom Technique that is claimed to be the best self-help technique that exist today.

Now in its 6thedition, Adventures in EFT has been revised and expanded by its author, Dr. Silvia Hartmann, to include examples of exactly what works, as well as case stories of those it has helped. 

This EFT download is easy to read and follow, and is packaged to be a comprehensive and in-depth training manual on EFT for those who want to:

  • Stop worrying
  • Overcome anxiety, fear and panic
  • Improve their performance in work and pleasure
  • Achieve their perfect weight
  • Gain success
  • Break free from addiction
  • Get positive and pro-active in life

“If you only have time to read one EFT book in your life, this is the one! "Adventures In EFT" shows you how to use EFT for yourself and others for unbelievable effective healing and life transformation.”

– Karen Curry, author “EFT for Parents” (

“'Adventures' does not require any previous knowledge of healing, counselling, psychology or human health or changework at all – anyone who can read can pick up this book and start to make their lives feel a whole lot better, right away.”

– Review from

Perhaps one of the best things going for the EFT program, Adventures in EFT, is its author, Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s credentials.

She is the Trainings Director of The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies, and one of the most acclaimed and experienced researchers and lecturers in the world today on tapping technique who modelled EFT originator, Gary Craig himself.

Dr. Silvia Hartmann has structured Adventures in EFT with her A-Z of EFT applications to make it easier for readers to find the application they are looking for and for them to start using it immediately.

She designed the EFT dowload in such a way that you can use it as a reference for years to come.

One other major advantage of Adventures in EFT worth mentioning—and this is according to emofree experts—is that it is perfect as a handbook for any healer or counselor who wants to start using EFT to heal others.

Adventures in EFT is a 145-page manual that is available for download for only $24.95. Click here to learn more.

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