A Brief Overview Of Today’s Psychologist

Although many people is the Western world have heard the term “psychologist” not all individuals are easily able to distinguish between this field and that of psychiatry. A psychologist tends to be focused more on counseling, while a psychiatrist is a specialist within the field of medicine. A career in the later profession enables one to prescribe medications and do other medical procedures.

Psychology is a field that contains many sub-specialties. There are clinical psychologists who meet with and counsel patents. Clinical work may assist clients in dealing with some behavioral issues or mental disorders including phobias and compulsive activities. Talking is the keynote of this type of therapy. Counseling may occur in either group settings or on a one-to-one basis.

Psychologists may be employed in the business world to assist in employee relations, advertising effectiveness, or personnel issues. This aspect of the field can occur as part of the recruitment or employee training practices of a business.

In today’s society, much use is made of the term “profiling”. This is an effective part of the work that law enforcement agencies do, when working to solve cases of criminal activity. When the crime is known and the crime scene is identified, criminal profilers are often able to tell a great dealer about the person who committed the crime. The negative connotation offered by profiling is that certain characteristics are associated with people of a specific race, color, religious, or sexual persuasion.

Another category of these students of human behavior is that of academic psychology. As might be expected from the term, these psychologists devote their work to the study of behavior in humans. There might be experiments developed. The purpose of this type of study is to determine what constitutes normal behavior. Understanding normal helps to define what falls outside the range of normal.

Some professionals prefer to teach others about the field, rather than practicing the techniques personally. As each generation of professionals passes on knowledge to students, more and more is known and understood about how the human brain operates. This enables future practitioners to perform more effectively in helping individuals relate to their surroundings and other humans.

The American Psychological Association is the professional body that oversees the people who are involved with the field. The APA has more divisions in addition to the ones previously described, in fact more than 50 of them. For the average person, it is enough to know about clinical and academic psychologists.

While both types of specialists work with people, clinicians work directly with those who suffer from some type of mental or behavioral problem. Individuals or groups can benefit from the help of these professionals. Identifying likely behavior from a group with certain defined characteristics is part of the duties of a clinician.

Those professionals who are involved with academic pursuits can study the mind in more depth. They might also choose to educate the next generation of practitioners. During the training years, the psychologist may provide mentoring and reviewing of practices.


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