Natural Anxiety Relief, Celebrities and Panic Attacks, and Other Anxiety Headlines – July 2012

Natural Anxiety Relief

There are individuals who are on a mission to live healthy or natural lifestyles, which even makes them question the medicines they might need to be taking. Eating right, working out and taking supplements are not a unusual concepts, but what do you do if you want to limit chemicals in your system but suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

There are many natural options, according to those who specialize in promoting natural lifestyles. What are some of the other “natural” anxiety methods out there? A combination of natural extracts, such as flowers and fruit, plus exercise and other natural anxiety methods could help you deal with panic attacks without medication.

More Celebrities Speak Out About Their Anxiety

We have mentioned before how celebrities have begun speaking out about their own anxiety and panic attack issues. Other high profile celebrities have continued to come forward to speak about their own panic attacks. Christian Bale and Emma Stone are just latest examples of celebrities dealing with panic attacks.

Whether an actor is claiming their anxiety is due to their job, or that their profession is helping them deal with their anxiety. It just reminds you how actors suffer from the same issues as the rest of us.

Other Anxiety Headlines: